© AlCompass.  Your App for Route Navigation

© AlCompass is an app for route guidance and tracking.

© AlCompass facilitates the route guidance showing the following information from the GPS:

    • Start and end time of the journey
    • Total journey time
    • Elapsed time
    • Distance
    • GPS route
    • Current, average and maximum speed
    • Current, minimum and maximum altitude
    • Latitude and longitude of the current position
    • Total height of ascent and descent
    • Calorie consumption

It has an active compass showing the magnetic heading.

It shows you the map with the trajectory during the navigation.

The App stores all the routes done.

Shows graphics about time, distance, speed or calories consumed according to the activity and period selected.

Allows you to make maps of waypoints to support the route guidance.

It allows to select the type of activity that will be carried out during the journey (walking, running, cycling, ...) and calculates the calorie consumption according to this one.

Geolocation on the Map

© AlCompass geolocates you on the map and draws the path that is currently being made.

It also marks the stops made during the trajectory.

The Waypoints help you to the orientation from the current position by marking the course and distance.

Route Repository

Routes are saved in the smartphone and can be consulted later by day, time and activity.

All the parameters referring to the selected route are shown as well as the path drawing on the map.

It presents graphs with statistics about distance, time, average speed and calories consumed according to the activity carried out.

About Privacy

The information collected by the application is stored in the smartphone itself without being shared with any other device, maintaining the privacy and data confidentiality.

© AlCompass

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